CLUSCON,“cluster of consultants”, is a localized global management consulting firm operating in MiddleEast, Asia and Europa. CLUSCON is clustering the experiences of consultants to offer you a truly integrated network and global approach in its services. CLUSCON reputation for excellence, innovation and adaptability is built on experiences of its highly reputable consultants. CLUSCONs global reach and local competency offers a unique opportunity to customize teams and services to developt tailor-made solutions that generate value for you. CLUSCON provides technical assistance, training and consultancy services to governmental organizations, central ministries , local and international agencies and institutions, regional development agencies, multinational companies, trade associations, institutions, and NGOs. CLUSCON is in cooperation with recognized local and international companies, sectoral professionals, universities, non-governmental organizations, and independent academic consultants who are closely acquainted with markets and business world. CLUSCON is working with the motivation and synergy of the clustering of the consultants and their experiences to change the way of thinking and creating sustainable competitive advantages through unique solutions.