Public Sector and Local Authorities Development
Policy and sector strategy review / Local government reform and decentralization / Good Governance / Twinning arrangements / Procurement / Institutional analysis and management process optimization / Corporate Management and Sustainability / Internal Control Systems / Financial management, transparency and accountability / Human resources, training needs assessment and capacity building / Participatory planning, monitoring and reporting / Management Information Systems / Awareness campaigns and strategic communication / Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) / Civil Service Reforms / Restructuring and Development in Municipalities / Investment Projects / Quality Systems / Governance for growth / Compliance with EU Accession criteria / Accompaniment of public service privatisation and concession programmes
SMEs and Private Sector Development
SME development and business facilitation / Support to investment promotion agencies. / Institutional development and management capacity building for public and private sector / Market information systems and trade fairs / Clustering Policy and Implementation / Establishment of a legal, regulatory and institutional framework conducive to the development of the private sector. / Technical assistance and training to micro-finance organizations. / Business and Management Practices Development / Strengthening the institutional capacity and quality of service provided by public bodies (consular chambers), private bodies (branch organizations, service providers) and producers. / Private sector advocacy, regulatory review and reform / Regional Competitiveness / Procurement and contract administration / Organization and restructuring of industrial businesses / Training and Capacity Development / Matchmaking Activities Support to programmes for the modernisation of economic sectors with a view to re-establishing their competitiveness and/or exportation capacity. / Preparation of bidding documents / Value chains and environmentally sustainable market-driven / Technical and management training for managers and staff / Demand-driven skills training / Economic and FĮnancial analysis / Business planning / Policy analysis and strategy / Public-private partnerships / Due diligence /
Competitiveness and Clustering
Sector focus competitivenes / Identification of clusters / Development of clusters / Supervision of clusters / Punctual training in cluster / Continued training in clusters / Cluster and association management / Clustering consulting projects / Policy studies and monitors / Integration of cluster policies with other / regional development policies / E-business / International market research /
Regional Development
Regional Development Planning / Rural Development Projects / Regional competitivenes / Public and Private Sector Collaboration / Regional suistanbility / Programme Management / Development Funds Management / Feasibility Studies, Market Surveys / Financial Advisory / Project Management / Economic development strategy /
 Regional growth opportunities / Local development planning /
Industry market assessment /
Benefit-cost analysis /
 Program evaluation. /
Strategy Development
Strategy development / NGOs Management / NGO s Networking / Advocacy / Lobbying / Cultural Dialogue / Campaing Management / Fundraising / Business development and marketing strategy / Public engagement / Institution Building / Good Governance /
Social Development
Insttutional assessment / Evaluation of the social impact of economic reforms / Social policies and social services / Consulting and training on the analysis and monitoring of national social policies / Capacity building / Support in the analysis and design of social policies / Social and environmental impact assessment / Analysis of the labour market / Support for the creation of micro-businesses / Support for the creation and operation of active employment measure funds. / Action plans / Integrated rural livelihoods programmes / Social protection services / Social development projects technical assistance / Feasibility studies / Stakeholder analysis / Mapping and well-being ranking / Support for the resettlement of refugees and displaced persons. / Design and development of integrated social protection systems for vulnerable groups / Migration and refugees / Social economy and social enterprise / Health and welfare /
Culture And Tourism
Tourism strategy and advice / Museum and archive design and development / Business Tourism / Culture and Heritage Tourism / Destination Marketing / Tourism and Leisure / IndustryCulture and World Heritage / Mountain Resort Development / Natural and cultural heritage conservation / World Heritage Site nomination and management / Interpretation and access planning / Research and policy development / Sustainability advice / Heritage masterplanning and town planning / Historic landscape and townscape characterisation /
Human Resources And Labour Market
Labour Market Studies / Vocational Education and Training / Skills Development / Employment Policy and Planning / Social Security Systems / Social Dialogue / Human resource management / Social inclusion / Wage formation, social dialogue / Social security / Lifelong learning /
Higher Education / Vocational Education and Training / Training and continuous professional development / Management-information systems / Virtual-learning environments / E-learning /
Renewable Energy
Development and support for renewable energy projects / Renewable energy systems / Energy efficiency technologies and support programs /
 Energy and environmental regulation /
 Environmental regulations /
Clean technology product development / Climate strategy and climate offsetting / Development of and support for JI and CDM projects and / Verified Emission Reduction Projects (VER projects), e.g. for voluntary offsetting / Implementation of EU emissions trading /
Environment & Climate Change
Climate Change Consultancy / Sustainability Consultancy / Policy Development and Program Management / Green Building Design and Master Planning / Air quality / Carbon Trade and Energy Management / Biodiversity / Sustainable transport and energy efficiency and renewal / Integrated water resources management / Waste water treatment / River Basin Management / Solid waste management / Natural Resources Management / Natural Park Management / Forest Management and Certification / Climate Change / Implementation and impacts of EC directives (Water Framework directive, IPPC, NEC etc) / Capacity Building for EU (IPA) Funds implementation of environmental policies / Project Investment and Development /
Governance and organizational development / Development of Health Administration and Management Systems / Health economics and financing / Sector wide and programme-based approaches / Technical assistance and grant management / Reorganization and Management Systems Restructuring and Development / Managerial Policies /